Hi !

Welcome to my railway lapel pin badge collecting site.

I have collected lapel badges of one sort or another for most of my adult life, and following on from my interest in model railways (now that I am retired) in recent years, I have decided to start collecting railway-related pin badges.

I would like to produce a collection of railway badges to display alongside my model railway layouts at exhibitions. I think that children would find the cut-out train badges appealing, and they would perhaps stimulate interest in young minds, whilst their dads would find the trade unions badges and the social history involved interesting.

I am only interested in British badges.

The purpose of this page is to make contact with other collectors, with a view to trading my spare badges and learning. I can't find any current information on the internet.
Perhaps we could form some kind of trading group? Or are those days gone and everybody just sells their spares on that auction site?

Please get in touch and have a chat.......

Thanks for visiting !
Mike Woolnough
Ipswich, UK
April 2019